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Who was the first to nominate the Best Apps?

We had over 7,127 nominations for the 2010 Gettie Winner ~ The Best Mobile App.  The three finalists: Shazam, eBuddy and Layar each have huge followings on multiple mobile platforms.  They are very different applications of technology.  Shazam freakishly identifying music, eBuddy mastering messaging and Layar exploring the new world of augmented reality.  A fun part of my job is getting to download these FAWESOME apps and giving them each a try.  I suggest you download them as well.

Developer’s using GetJar’s Application Download Page (ADP) can put their apps on over 2000 types of mobile phones:

Monday night one of these apps will win the 2010 Gettie for Best App.

As part of our nomination program, the person who was the first to nominate the Gettie Winner will receive an iPad 3G.  Here’s what they had to say:

eBuddy is simply the best IM client.  ~nverdo

Layar is a multi-platform application that enriches and makes more sense of your reality by adding a layer of digital information and objects to it. Amazing stuff!  ~claire

Shazam is the answer to my song amnesia. It is quick, simple(read no-frill) and  very utile – what more can a user ask for!!  After all – ‘The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend’ ~neels

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