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Good News Everyone: Update Notifications For Android Apps Are Coming to GetJar

We’ve got some great news for all of you Android developers. Our engineering team has been hard at work on your most requested feature, and it’s finally here. GetJar now supports update notifications for Android apps!

Updates from GetJar will help you do what you do best: make amazing apps and games. Before now, there was no easy way to automatically let all of your users know about the new version of your app. Your users had to know that you released an update and know to come to GetJar to download it. Now your push notifications will automatically go to users who downloaded your app from Getjar. Refer to this post for information and screenshots on how to upgrade your Android apps.

Updates have a lot of uses. Most of them are obvious, like adding new levels to game, adding a new feature to an app, or patching security hole. But have you ever thought of updates as an engagement tool? Sending out an update can be a friendly reminder about an app that a user may have forgotten about. Watch this blog for an upcoming post about best practices when it comes to updates.

We’ve been testing updates for the past few weeks, and while we are very proud of the work that’s been done, we do want to stress that this feature is in beta.  The user-side update, GetJar version 3.5, began rolling out to new users last week and we’re happy to report that things look stable and sustainable.

Read this blog post to learn how to update your app and notify your users:

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming product announcements in the future.

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