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New GetJar Rewards App Launches!

Another week and more GetJar Rewards Apps have launched.

Check these out:

Doogle God F2P

What’s inside your Phone? Circuits, microchips, batteries? No! Your Phone is full of fire, water, earth and air! What do you do with your Phone? Make calls, send texts, check emails? Boring! With Doodle God™ you can create storms, build armies, grow a civilization and: drink vodka!

- Mould the 4 basic elements to your whim!
- Create 300+ advanced items and concepts!
- Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful, creative play!
- Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings!
- Amazing quest mode with tonz of new reactions!
- Full OpenFeint support!

Download this app now!

Brain Age Test

Find out your brain age.

Simple yet addicting app which tests your brain age base on your game performance.
Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Shows you exact age of your brain.
Try this Brain Age Analyzer and detect your brain age.
Calculate your mental age and draw more information out of your brain.
Cut your brain age and be the younger brain in the world!Follow the instructions below.

* You may post your results to global scoreboard and compare with other player from all over the world.
* Don’t be angry at your brain age results, simply continue use it for about 10 minutes each day and you will notice great improvements shortly.
* You can track your progress and improvements on the progress screen.

The best app for kids, girls, boys, women, men, all ages and genders! If you are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman or love space and puzzles you’ll love Brain Age Test.

Download this app now!

Robotic Guitarist

Robotic Guitarist is a virtual guitar for your device. This application will be useful both for those that already play the guitar and learners, and even if you can’t play but want to get some fun or experiment with its sounds.

Main features:

★ Multitouch guitar emulator:
Choose a chord without having to learn finger positions and just hit the strings to get nice animation sounds recorded from real instruments. You can strum, plays arpeggio or any other desired technique thanks to two picking modes. String sounds can be distributed along the 3D space optionally. Multitouch supported in capable devices.

★ Guitar lab:
You can choose among the sound of a lot of different instruments and map them to the whole guitar, or even pick a different one for each string! This will bring to you a lot of sessions of experimenting and having fun.
Sounds: acoustic and electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, piano (two different octaves), xylophone, bell, timpani and chorus
(Several sounds are bundled in this version; the rest can be obtained separately.)

★ Chord guide:
An easy-to-use interface allows you to change your chord selection on the go. You’ll see at all times a diagram showing finger positions. Very useful for learners or for those who play already and need to recall a chord.

★ Tuner:
If you play a non-virtual guitar, Robotic Guitarist is your loyal and accurate electronic pocket tuner.

★ Metronome:
It’s a handy digital metronome. It has settings for speed (beats per minute) and different signatures (constant, 2/2, 4/4, etc.).

Download this app now!

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GetJar Rewards SDK 2.3 is live!

We were very excited to release the newest version of our GetJar Rewards SDK Last week. We’re also excited to tell you that 2.3 is a drop in replacement for 2.2.  There were no interface changes and there is 100% compatibility with no code changes needed. Hooray for less work! There are, however, a number of improvements in stability and data use.

Here is the change log:

Change Log GetJarSDK-2.3.20120716
* Fixed a rare bug causing long-running work on the UI thread
* Changed frequency of data sending to back-end
* Better support for international mobile carrier gateways
* Back button from Google Play directly returns the user to the application
* Improved JavaDoc documentation
* No longer display error UI from background operations
* Fixed rare occurrences where purchase and coin transactions could fail
* Proper error UI for unsupported and blacklisted devices

Download the SDK and get started with rewards today!

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GetJar @ I/O

We teamed up with Apsalar and Girls in Tech to throw a bash at Google’s big I/O conference in June. We ate, we drank, we talked, we bowled, and we had a blast. It took place at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley.

Want to come out with the GetJar team? Stay tuned to for future invites.

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Partner Spotlight: ChupaMobile

ChupaMobile is a leading marketplace for buying and selling source code and components for Mobile App developments. It works like an AppStore, where developers buy and sell cutting edge source code packages and components for a variety of Mobile development languages and frameworks.

ChupaMobile is a great new opportunity for your work and your wallet!


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Meet a GetJar-er: Norman Liang

Norman Liang is our Director of Platform Solutions. He’s relatively new here, but you wouldn’t know it from talking to him. He is helping to make the new phase of GetJar Gold a huge success.

Q: What do you do for GetJar?
A: I manage our new GetJar Rewards program and our Publisher Partners.

Q: How do you do that?
A: It’s a little developer relations, a little sales, a little partnerships, a little product management, and a little bit about the general business.

Q: What did you do before GetJar?
A: I’ve worked for social games companies, startups, and a bunch of big brands.

Q: How did you get into this field?
A: It’s been a random path to working with developers. I’ve been part of big and small developer relations teams, worked on a lot of partnerships across the mobile and web world, and launched platforms. This was a great way to do all of the above.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project to work on?
A: New product launches that transform an opportunity into a business. And seeing Publishers come back to say thanks for listening to my problems and coming up with a solution.

Q: What’s been the most exciting moment at GetJar so far.
A: It’s been great to see our first partners successfully integrating Rewards into their apps. It helps their business, and helps us.

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Big Screens Are Coming – Be Prepared

The Galaxy Note is being marketed as some sort of hybrid phone and tablet. A phablet, or tablone if you will. It’s got a huge 5.3 inch screen. For context there are bonafied tablets (Kindle Fire, Playbook) that are just slightly bigger and the undisputed king of tablets, the iPad, weighs in at 9 inches. On top of that, 90% of consumers want larger screens then the ones they already have in the pocket.

As a developer, how do you optimize your app so that it looks good on all tablets, phablets, phones and tablones?  Things to keep in mind:

1. Battery Life

As screens get bigger, and more users get 4G phones, battery life is going to become one of the most important factors users will consider when it comes to their phone. Most developers already know that if your app sucks up juice, you’re going to start getting negative reviews and more uninstalls. That type of user behavior is only going to grow as their battery life gets stretched to the limits. Or until advanced battery tech hits the market.

2. Small hands

Users may want bigger screens for reading and movie watching, not because their current device feels small in their hands. With games, consider options like moving from one handed controls to two handed or putting buttons closer together as the screen stretches.

3. HTML 5

Native apps have ways of scaling apps, but the easiest way to scale is to use a language that can already adapt to a massive number of different form factors.

4. Different UI’s

If you’re an Android developer, there are API’s available to you that allow you to change the UI depending on the screen size. For example, you might want a UI for phones that’s different from larger phones or tablets. Keep in mind, although the APIs can perform scaling and re-sizing for different screens, you should still optimize for different screen sizes and densities. The Android developer site provides information on how to do that here.

Do you develop for multiple screen sizes? What are your best practices? Let us know in the comments!

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Guest Post: Fighting Piracy With Gold

This post was originally posted here. Raul Portales distributes his game, Chalk Ball, for free via GetJar Gold. Support Raul and fight piracy by downloading Chalk Ball here:

Why piracy in Android is not that important
Posted on January 17, 2012

Many people complain about piracy on software. A lot of mobile developers complain about piracy on Android. I was never too worried myself, this is why.

It is true, piracy exists. As a matter of fact, when we launched Chalk Ball at The Pill Tree, it got cracked in a couple of weeks. We were checking for blog reviews at a time and we found it, so it was even easy to find.

Cracking an Android app is not very complicated, but it is not trivial either. If someone takes the effort to do it, it means you are already in the way to succeed. Having your apps cracked is something to be proud of. So if it happens to you, don’t get angry, be proud of your work.

The cracked version was almost complete, just Facebook integration was broken. There you have a tip: Since the signature can not be recreated, If you want your app to be really hard to crack, use facebook single sign in to login into your app.

Now think about the effort the user has to make to install an app from somewhere that is not Android Market.

First you have to seek and check an option labeled “Unknown Sources”. Many users will not do that, simply because is scary, and it is true, you are installing apps from untrusted sources anyway, if they cracked a game they can put a trojan inside it as well, right?

Secondly, downloading it and installing from your Android device is usually not trivial, you may need to download it in your computer, copy it to the sd card, and then open a file browser to install it. Not complicated, but long and boring.

It is all about the cost of opportunity. If someone is about to install an application from an unknown distributor on the internet -having a free version that is enough for a few hours of play- and the process is going to take you more time than using the official channel, to save scarcely 2$, then is not a lost sale. This person was not going to buy it anyway.

Given that the problem with mobile games is mainly the visibility, each install -even if it is from a piracy source- is going to help you. That person is going to show the app to other people, and since there was an extra effort required, he is more likely to show it than those who just downloaded the free version. In the end, it is some sort of advertising.

These are my reasons to state that it is not a lost sale, and also that it is some sort of advertising. However, you may not be convinced by my arguments, then I’ll tell you about the ultimate tool to battle piracy on Android. Ready?

It is called the GetJar Gold program. They give paid applications for free, and you know what? They pay you per download. Sounds crazy, I know, but it works. They are a well known source and they have the latest updates since they work with the developers.

Once your app is part of GetJar Gold, piracy is meaningless. You just need to install their App Store and from there on, you just download the gold apps for free, almost as easily as from Android Market.

Using GetJar has a higher opportunity cost for a user than using the market, but less than downloading an apk from the Internet. So still, many people will get your app from Android Market. You are offering the people that is up to make an extra effort to get the app for free a legal alternative to piracy.

Everyone wins, piracy loses.

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GetJar at CES

While we may not have had a booth at CES this year, GetJar was definitely in attendance. GetJar CTO Chris Dury snapped this photo at the Coby booth:


For context, GetJar is the official appstore on 3 of Coby’s tablet models. Additionally, GetJar is the official app store on Pandigital’s brand of tablets.

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By 2015, 98 Billion Apps Will Be Downloaded In An Ecosystem Worth $12 Billion

According to a study by Analyst firm Berg Insight says that by 2015, 98 billion apps will be downloaded in an ecosystem worth $12 billion. That’s a staggering compound annual growth rate of 56.6%.

To read the full study, you’re going to need to plunk down at least 1K euros, but regardless of what the report says, there the title begs to ask an important question: What does this mean for your as a developer? Two main things: more potential customers and more competition. You’re really going to need to re-think what is possible in the coming years. Apps exist in a similar fashion to websites when they were first unleashed on the world. Any system can keep track of 200K apps, but 2 million? 200 million? Discovery is going to be your number one problem by 2015. After that you manage to get users, how will you get them to give you some revenue? If your app is paid, think about a similar website. Would you pay money for that site? If the answer is no, you’re going to to start thinking about alternative revenue sources.

If you’d like to know more about the report, or purchase a copy, click here.

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Piracy Is Putting A Huge Dent In Your Income

A cursory glance at the search results for premium .apks reveals that almost any app can be found with a small bit of searching. There are two main ways that piracy hurts you; missed revenue and increased server costs. The first part is easy enough to understand. Each pirated copy is theoretical money which should have gone into your pocket. Piracy advocates will tell you this isn’t true because they weren’t going to pay for it in the first place. There isn’t any arguing, however, that if your app is a service that requires server space, a pirated user not only didn’t pay, he’s now a drain on your bottom line. If you multiply that by the thousands of downloads a pirated app can attain, then you as a developer have a significant problem. You need new paying users just to support the bloat before you can even think about profiting from your app.

But what can you do? More after the break.


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