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GetJar Gold Virtual Currency reaches 20 million users

GetJar Gold Virtual Currency reaches 20 million users, shows 100% increase month over month

App monetization program doubles developer revenue

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 25, 2012 – GetJar, the world’s largest independent app store, announced today that its GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program has reached 20 million users since going live just seven months ago. The virtual payment system for Android bypasses the need for smart phone users to pay for apps with real money, and it increases revenue for developers two-to-three times compared to Google Check-out only in-app billing.

The success of the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency proves that loyalty, versus cash based programs offer solutions to both consumers downloading apps and developers who create them.

  • Consumer benefits: With GetJar Gold Virtual Currency, consumers anywhere in the world receive virtual currency “Gold Coins” in a digital wallet, every time they download an app from the GetJar App Store. Through an instant one-click transaction, these gold coins can be spent in all participating apps, bypassing the need for complicated micro-payment systems, registration systems or credit cards
  • Developer benefits:  Android developers use GetJar Gold Virtual Currency to boost discovery and increase their revenues for their apps globally.  By integrating the GetJar Gold Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) as an in-app purchase mechanism, they can sell upgrades, items or virtual goods within their apps. Most importantly, developers can accept GetJar Gold Virtual Currency on top of existing payment structures, from a much broader demographic than when they sell their apps on other app stores

The ad-supported program was introduced at the end of February and has proved successful with developers everywhere including Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios, Solo by Coding Caveman and GoSMS by Go Development.
“Enabling our users to pay for premium services with GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Program has added over a million dollars a year in revenues to our business,” said Robin Chao, VP Marketing at Go Dev Team. “We have been very impressed with the results thus far and are working closely with the GetJar team on optimizing our monetization to further double or even triple the revenue in the next few months.”

“The GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Program’s user base has literally doubled every single month since its inception, so we’re on track to reach 40 million users by October, comments GetJar Chairman, Ilja Laurs.

“We attribute the incredible success we’ve seen to the very real market need for a new solution for purchasing apps. Until GetJar Gold Virtual Currency, payment options for apps have been complicated, usually rely on credit cards, and many paid apps are only available in limited countries. GetJar Gold Virtual Currency makes apps accessible to everyone, truly rewarding both consumers for downloading high quality apps, and the developers who make them.”

More than 20,000,000 users worldwide are now using GetJar Gold as a way to get premium content and in-app purchases for free.  For more information about the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program visit

About GetJar

GetJar is the world’s largest independent app store with over 2.5 billion downloads to date. GetJar Gold is a loyalty program that rewards users with virtual currency for downloading apps from GetJar. The company distributes more than 600,000 mobile applications from over 450,000 registered developers. TIME named GetJar one of “10 Start-Ups That Will Change Your Life.” GetJar is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Seattle, the UK, and Lithuania. For more information, visit and follow the company @GetJar on Twitter.

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GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Reaches 10 Million Users

We are happy to announce today that our GetJar Gold Virtual Currency Program has hit 10 million users in less than five  months, proving that  loyalty based programs such as GetJar Gold resonate well with both consumers and developers.

Consumers are rewarded with Virtual Currency (Gold Coins) every time they download an app thereby creating millions of wallets with Gold balances available for spending in all participating developer apps.

The GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program is available to all Android developers interested in discovery and monetization that want to increase their revenues on a global basis.  Developers can integrate the GetJar Gold SDK as an in-app purchase mechanism or to sell upgrades, levels, items, or virtual goods within their apps. Most importantly, it enables developers to accept GetJar Gold virtual currency on top of existing payment structures. The program was introduced at the end of February and has proved to be successful with developers everywhere including Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios, Solo by Coding Caveman and Go SMS by Go Development Team GDT.

Morne Pistorius, creator and owner of the hugely popular Solo app saw his revenue double with the integration of the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency. “GetJar Gold provides a way to monetize free app users without the negative connotations associated with many other monetization programs,” said Pistorius. “I am very happy with the outcome and the results show that this is a truly global solution.” After deploying the SDK it offered a way to convert existing consumers and increase conversions to the paid app and offer in-app purchases on a global basis.

GetJar’ s Chairman Ilja Laurs comments, “We are thrilled with the success of GetJar Gold Virtual Currency so far, users get the content for free and developers get paid for creating great apps like Solo and Go SMS. It is increasingly difficult for users to pay for content given the limited payment options available in many countries.  That’s why GetJar Gold works so well, it invites advertisers to participate as a third party and it rewards consumers for downloading the apps and pays developers who make them.”

GetJar Gold payments have a number of advantages over traditional billing solutions.   The virtual nature of the GetJar Gold currency allows for one click transactions without multi-step registrations or other obstacles. For new users, GetJar Gold Wallets are created instantly, allowing for immediate purchases.

GetJar Gold can be accepted in all countries, not just the ones currently on offer. Additionally, all demographics, not just credit card owners, are represented which increases the size of the potential audience a GetJar Gold developer can monetize.

Over 10,000,000 users are now using GetJar Gold as a way to get premium content and in-app purchases for free.  For more information about the GetJar Gold Virtual Currency program visit

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Gaming Giant Zynga Adds Two New Offerings to GetJar Gold

We’re happy to announce that yet another pillar of the Android community has signed on to GetJar Gold. Joining names like Gameloft, Sega, Glu, Miniclip, and Konami, Zynga announced that it would be adding two titles to GetJar Gold. GetJar Gold has been a very successful since launching in summer 2011. We’ve given away millions of dollars’ worth of free apps to consumers, not to mention helped more than 100 developers keep the lights on by paying them per download to give their apps away for free on our site.

Zynga’s first title is Drop 7. This addictive puzzler takes the idea of games like Tetris and Connect 4, and then takes them to the next level.

Drop different numbered coins on the to playing field and see how they explode when the numbers add up. It takes a minute to learn but provides hours of entertainment. Normally $2.99, GetJar users can get this app for free. Zynga can take advantage of GetJar’s global reach (almost 200 countries) to monetize on users that before now, could not have generated revenue.

The second app is a little bit differnet from the tradditional GetJar Gold offering. Zynga is now distributing Zynga Poker through GetJar Gold. But, Zynga Poker is already free, so what do GetJar users get for downloading it? How about 10K extra chips, as well as the Poker Hand Strength Meter (normally $4.99!

Between the two apps, GetJar users can get nearly $10 in free, premium Zynga content. We’re proud of the work our team has done to prove to the industry that our model is working.

Check these games out yourself:

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Meet A GetJar Developer: Todd Murchison

Todd Murchison is a Principle Software Engineer and has been with GetJar for almost two years. He’s one of our many engineers that help push GetJar forward.

Q: What do you do for GetJar?
I’m a Principle Software Engineer for GetJar. That entails a number of things, but my favorite part of the job is writing code, which I get to do a lot of.

Q: What programming languages do you know, and which do you use here at GetJar?
Here at GetJar, by far most of my work is done in Java though some work has been done in C/C++ and PHP. In general? Well that’s a much larger list. I started out with Applesoft BASIC in the late 1970s. Between then and now I’ve used (in no particular order) Pascal, Lisp, Smalltalk, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Lingo, and a handful of others I’m forgetting. As a note, I personally don’t think what computer language you are using matters at all. Pick the “right” one for the job. For example, a strongly typed language may help you to avoid bugs in larger more complex projects. In general, picking up a new language is trivial. A good software engineer should have a strong grasp of the underlying considerations.

Q: What did you do before GetJar?
I worked for a small start-up called ScanR. Much like with GetJar, my work consisted mostly of server-side services based work with some client/handset development. At ScanR it was an entirely Microsoft tech stack, though, as where GetJar is a Linux/Java/etc. tech stack. It has been really enjoyable to solve similar problems in two very different technology ecosystems.

Q: How did you get into programming?
As I mentioned before, I started out with Applesoft BASIC in the late 1970s. My father brought home a shiny new Apple II Plus. So really, I owe my dad for getting me started on what would turn out to be a life-long career (thanks Dad!). I started playing games on the Apple II Plus; Snake Byte, Aztec, The Mask of the Sun, Zork (and other text adventures), Odyssey, just to name a few. It wasn’t long before I wanted to make my own games, so I asked my dad how. He handed me the Applesoft BASIC manual and I never looked back.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project to work on?
This is going to sound cheesy, but I honestly do like working on all types of projects. I enjoy the different kinds of considerations that might go into a resource restricted client-side project for a phone or embedded system vs. a server-side solution with lots of available resources but needs to consider massive load, distributed architecture, concurrency issues, etc. Any problem space can be interesting. I’ve worked everywhere from the game industry to e-commerce web sites and I’ve enjoyed it all. Believe it or not one of the best times I’ve had were working on early-fail drug trial software and I have no particular interest at all in Big Pharma drug development.

Q: Do you have a favorite moment form your time here at GetJar?
I’m a bit of an odd egg, so I’d say my most exciting moment was when I implemented a 10X performance improvement in one of our core services. Big gains from a small amount of work are rare, but always very cool when you find them.

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Gameloft Signs On With GetJar Gold

In further confirmation that we’re doing something special with GetJar Gold, we’re happy to announce today that Asphalt 6, the adrenaline-pumping racing game from Gameloft is now available for free on GetJar Gold. This is our first title from Gameloft, one of the world’s premier publishers of mobile games.

Asphalt 6 lets you discover 42 different cars and bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and many more, and tear up the streets of Los Angeles, Tokyo, the Bahamas and other amazing locations. Drive against tough opponents in different leagues with online and local multiplayer for up to six players.

Asphalt 6 is one of more than 100 free, ultra-premium apps available to consumers on GetJar Gold. We’ve made over $250 worth of apps free to consumers and give away up to $300,000 worth of free apps each day.

“GetJar puts Asphalt 6 front and center with millions of consumers around the world, and we’re excited to finally join forces with them,” said Yann Fourneau, Sales Director at Gameloft. “They are innovating on the app store model in ways that are great for the whole ecosystem, including consumers, developers and publishers.”

“It’s great to have Gameloft in the fold and making their games available for free through Getjar,” said our CEO Ilja Laurs. “We now have 95% of the world’s top developers and publishers on GetJar, and the momentum we need to continue to explore new ways to reward both Android users and the developers building great new apps for them.”

Download your copy here!

Check out the trailer:

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GetJar, Gold, and Sega

The holidays saw a huge spike in traffic on GetJar and our GetJar Gold Program continued to expand.  GetJar Gold is a program that we created where we pay developers to distribute their Android apps for free on GetJar. First, we were ecstatic to announce a partnership with gaming giant Sega! Their decision to include the classic game Chu Chu Rocket in the program tells us we’re doing something special with GetJar Gold.

“With the continuing popularity of ChuChu Rocket!, we knew it was a perfect fit for the world’s largest free app store,” said Haruki Satomi, Senior Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “The game is such an ideal app for mobile devices, and we are very pleased by the opportunity to prove that to an ever-growing audience.”

You can read the full press release here.

Then, we released a gorgeous catalog that exploded via social media. It showed users all 100+ paid apps that we’re giving away for free.

Check the catalog out here. This catalog has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of GetJar fans all over the world!

Remember, we release a new, free app every weekday. Do you have a paid app and think it would be great for GetJar gold? Let us know!

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12 Predictions Regarding Mobile For 2012 And Beyond (Assuming The End Of The World Doesn’t Come)

GetJar found and CEO Ilja Laurs knows mobile. Having started GetJar in 2004 and then pivoting it into the world’s first app store, he has watched mobile titans rise (Apple) and fall (Blackberry). Every year he makes a list of his predictions for the coming year in the world of mobile. Here is his list of predictions for 2012. Agree? Disagree? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

  • Apple loses to Android 2012
    iOS currently enjoys the #1 target platform for developers, but as Android smartphones and tablets start to heavily outnumber iPhones and iPads, developers will switch to Android as their first, and often only, choice.
  • Android explodes in the emerging markets, and destroys the feature phone market by 2013
    The price of Android smartphones continues to drop almost daily, and soon prices in the $30-$50, range will all but kick feature phones out of the market. Most notably this will mean the end of Nokia’s domination in low end devices in emerging markets, their last bastion since losing the smartphone battle.
  • Google continues to restrict Android, and will close the platform by 2013
    Once meant to be an open platform, Android will someday become closed. Already there isn’t much about Android that is open. Google controls the UI, services, and app distribution while restricting competing business models and technologies on top of imposing a 30% tax on developers. Now that Android has so much traction, the opportunity of running a closed platform is too lucrative for Google to ignore.
  • Android experiences a major fork that changes the entire ecosystem
    Android has a forking problem. Honeycomb was only for tablets, and companies are putting skins on top of the Android OS left and right. Because of restrictions on Android imposed by Google, larger players will continue to fork Android to build their own silos. Amazon’s already doing that with the Kindle, and the rumored Facebook phone will do the same thing. As it becomes more of an issue, we’ll start to see more and more forks.
  • Windows Phone 7 gains traction
    Google has already acquired Motorola Mobility, which is scary enough to OEMs. When Google starts to close Android, it will become a serious threat to OEMs. They will start hedging their bets to ensure their own survival, causing support for Windows Phone 7 to grow much stronger than before. On top of that, Nokia will finally start shipping large volumes of Windows Phone 7 phones. Carriers are also invested in more competition amongst OEMS, meaning even more support for Windows phones.
  • Carriers start lose ground on voice and text services, completely lose them by 2020
    Over the long term, free services like Skype and Google Talk will provide all of the communication services needed by the average user. Carriers will only run data networks with little or no consumer facing services.
  • Carrier and OEM app stores lose traction and disappear by 2013
    Carriers and OEMs lack the skill, resources and scale to truly reach a critical mass. Unable to come up with competing services, they will lose developers who will be followed by consumers. Google will accelerate the process by heavily discriminating against third party app distribution.
  • Platforms and OEM begin subsiding phones by 2015
    As Android levels the market, it marginalizes once very high smartphone hardware profits. On the other end, the evolution of apps and mobile services allows for stronger economics and extends the lifetime income of each user past the point of sale, eventually shifting the margins from sale to post-sale. Closed platform providers are in a position to capture most of that value by creating monopolies for the most profitable segments and taxing the remaining ones. They will have a huge incentive to subsidize devices to accelerate platform adoption and attack competing platforms. Amazon is already running this strategy by selling the Kindle Fire for less than it costs to produce.
  • NFC payments will take off and become universal by 2015
    As the penetration of NFC enabled devices reaches critical mass, merchants and users begin to adopt the technology really fast. Apple and Google are the frontrunners, but there are more than a few companies waiting in the wings, including Carriers and startups.
  • Paid apps continue to fade out
    As apps become transition from content into media, selling apps makes as much sense as selling websites. A lot of small disposable, consumable apps that sell for a buck or two will continue to exist, but the majority of developers will continue to move into freemium and other complex business models.
  • The number of apps reaches 10 million and continues to grow
    If you look at music, there are 100 million music tracks in the Gracenote database. The richness of the music industry is built on $25 billion in annual revenues. The app economy is expected to generate $30-50b annually in just the next 3 years, so there is quite a lot of room to grow for apps.
  • Mass migration to cloud
    Gone are days when most users only used one PC. With the number of screens exponentially multiplying around us (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, smart TVs, smart car navigations, etc.), the only way to keep up is by migrating all user data (photos, videos, emails, documents, address books, etc.) to the cloud. To mobile platforms, cloud services are a very powerful way to lock the user in by holding their data hostage.
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How To Update Your Android App on GetJar

Earlier today we announced that GetJar now supports updates notifications for Android apps in a beta feature announcement. To enable an update, you’ll need to login to the Developer Zone. Then click on the publishing tab, and then click on Apps and Sites to see a list of your applications.

Click on edit on the app you want to update. Here you’ll see the normal options. You can click edit to edit screenshots or descriptions. You can upload new builds, or you can update an existing build by clicking (Update Build) under the build name.

Click browse, navigate to your build, and click open. Then, give the build a name. Below that you have the option to add a version name and description name. These are only for your reference, and are not seen by the public. We do, however, highly suggest using these fields as they will make your life easier in the long run. We enforce the package name to be the same. This is a requirement from Android OS which guarantees that your application will get upgraded rather than a duplicate application getting installed

Lastly on this page, you’ll see the targeting dialogue. We do not recommend changing the targeting here for a number of possible issues. For one, your new target may miss some users who will not get the update. Or you might expose a new API to older devices that are not compatible. If you need to restrict compatibility by device hardware, please create a new build with a new target.

And that’s it! Your app is now in the activation queue. After it has been approved, update notifications will begin rolling out to your users. The GetJar app on a user’s will ping our servers once ever eight hours to see if there are updates. If a user declines the update, a reminder will go out once a week for 3 weeks. After that, the user will no longer get a notification for that specific app.

While updates are in beta, there are some known limitations that you should be familiar with:

  • Consumers will get notified of new updates once every eight hours. They will receive one notification per update.
  • Earlier this week, version 3.5 of GetJar began rolling out to new users. This update allows for notifications. Users who have not upgraded to 3.5 will not be notified of any updates. When we are ready to take updates out of beta, we will begin notifying users of the easiest way to update to GetJar version 3.5.
  • Users will not be notified of updates for applications they’ve downloaded before installing GetJar version 3.5.
  • Uninstalling/Installing GetJar will cause update state to be lost.
  • Motorola Atrix owners will be asked to force close GetJar after an hour of running in the background. This messaged can be ignored. This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next version of GetJar.
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Good News Everyone: Update Notifications For Android Apps Are Coming to GetJar

We’ve got some great news for all of you Android developers. Our engineering team has been hard at work on your most requested feature, and it’s finally here. GetJar now supports update notifications for Android apps!

Updates from GetJar will help you do what you do best: make amazing apps and games. Before now, there was no easy way to automatically let all of your users know about the new version of your app. Your users had to know that you released an update and know to come to GetJar to download it. Now your push notifications will automatically go to users who downloaded your app from Getjar. Refer to this post for information and screenshots on how to upgrade your Android apps.

Updates have a lot of uses. Most of them are obvious, like adding new levels to game, adding a new feature to an app, or patching security hole. But have you ever thought of updates as an engagement tool? Sending out an update can be a friendly reminder about an app that a user may have forgotten about. Watch this blog for an upcoming post about best practices when it comes to updates.

We’ve been testing updates for the past few weeks, and while we are very proud of the work that’s been done, we do want to stress that this feature is in beta.  The user-side update, GetJar version 3.5, began rolling out to new users last week and we’re happy to report that things look stable and sustainable.

Read this blog post to learn how to update your app and notify your users:

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming product announcements in the future.

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Please Take A Moment To Update You and Your Company’s Name

GetJar Developers, we have a small request for you. Some changes are coming to the developer zone as we continue to make improvements on the GetJar experience. For this reason,we’re requesting that you login in to the Developer Zone today and make sure that your company name is up to date.  At some future date, this information will be made available to users on your app’s product page. If you do not have a company name, the default name displayed will be the name your personal name that you signed up with when you created a GetJar Developer account. If you are a one person development team, we recommend coming up with a company name. If you’re having trouble, you can always call it Your Name, inc or something similar.

We’ve seen that this information increases trust, and thus downloads, amongst GetJar users.

Please go to and update your info today!

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