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What’s New!

Here’s some exciting new capability from GetJar:

  • The new GetJar App with Facebook Connect
  • Connect with your friends
  • See what apps are the most popular among friends
  • See the list of all the apps you’ve downloaded while connected to Facebook.
  • When you get a new phone, reconnect and get all your apps
  • Here’s the link:
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A Call for Apps!

App Developers who upload a new app to GetJar’s Developer Zone by Dec 15, 2010 11:59 PM, will be eligible for consideration for one or more of the following perks from GetJar including:
·      Marketing and PR support
·      Inclusion on GetJar’s “Most Wanted” List
·      GetJar+ Placement in the Mobile GetJar Search Results
·      $100 of GetJar PPD Ad credit (click here to learn more)
·      Device Anywhere testing credit
Based on a random drawing: one developer will win an Android eLocity A7 tablet!

Create your account and upload your app or mobile site shortcut today.

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Slice It! ~ Goes Live for Android 2.0 and Higher

(click to download)

Slice It! went live for Android 2.0 (and higher) throughout the day!  Rollout is now complete!  Here’s the list of phones it will work on:


Android OS

All Versions:

2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1, 2.2, or higher


320w X 480h, or higher

Specific User Input:

Touch Screen

Compatible Devices:
Devices that are supported by and match the Compatibility Requirements above.

Acer: E400 beTouch, Liquid, Stream

Apanda: a60

Chunghwa Telecom: CHT 8000

Dell: Streak, Thunder

Elocity: A7

Garmin-Asus: A10

Google: Nexus One

HTC: Desire, Desire Z, Evo 4G, Hero, Incredible, Legend, Magic

Huawei: U8230

LG: E720 Optimus Chic, GT540 Swift, GW620 Eve, KU3700 Optimus One, KU9500 Optimus Z, LS670 Optimus One, LU2300 Optimus Q, LU3700 Optimus One, MS690 Optimus One, P500, P500H Optimus One, P503 Optimus One, P505 Optimus One, P509, SU370 Optimus One, SU950 Optimus Z, US670 Optimus One, VM670 Optimus One, VS660 Optimus One, VS740 Ally

Marvell: Brownstone

Motorola: A955 Droid II, A957 Droid Pro, Droid, Droid X, Enzo, MB501 Cliq XT, MB525 Defy, Moto XT800, XT701, XT720 Motoroi

Pantech: IM-A600S Sirius Sky, IM-A630K Sirius Izar, IM-A650S Sirius Vega

Samsung: Galaxy U, GT i5700 Galaxy Spica, GT i6500 Galaxy, GT i9000 Galaxy S, GT M110S Galaxy S, GT P1000 Galaxy Tab, SCH i500 Fascinate, SCH i500 Showcase, SCH i899, SCH R880 Acclaim, SGH T959 Vibrant, SHW-M100S, SPH D700 Epic 4G, SPH M900 Moment, SPH M920 Transform

Sony-Ericsson: X10 Xperia

Spice: Mi-300

T-Mobile: MyTouch 3G, myTouch 3g Slide, Pulse

Zenithink: ZT-180

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The Mobile Developer Journey

Cool chart showing the Mobile Developer Journey.  Click on it to see the source story!

The Mobile Developer Journey

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Yahoo! Mobile Search is First to Integrate Apps into Search with GetJar

Yahoo! MOBILE ~ Search results for the YouTube app on GetJar

The GetJar team is thrilled to share that Yahoo! is now starting test integration of GetJar apps (all 75,000+ of them!) into Yahoo! mobile search queries to make it easier for people to discover the apps they’re looking for when on-the-go. Yahoo! is the first search engine to pursue this kind of integration and we at GetJar couldn’t be happier about making application discovery faster, easier, and simpler, regardless of handset, country, or platform.

As a GetJar developer, we’re happy to give you one more way to get exposure for your app, and we are quite excited to see how the integration with Yahoo! works.

To make the most of Yahoo! mobile searches, app developers who are not already on GetJar should submit your apps to GetJar’s Developer’s Zone ( App developers who have already submitted your apps on GetJar should update your app’s meta data with text and descriptions that will enable search engine discovery, so that when a Yahoo! mobile user searches with a relevant keyword, Yahoo! Search will trigger your app to show up in the search results.

How does someone find your app?

Yahoo! users conduct searches on for whatever interests them, and the relevant mobile applications from GetJar will be displayed within the Yahoo! mobile search results. For example, if the search term is “Sports”, the Yahoo! mobile search result will display a cluster of GetJar applications that are relevant to the search query “Sports” in addition to the Web results based on relevancy. This particular search would yield “Sports Brush”, “Sports News” and “CBS Sports Mobile”. Please be sure to give us feedback or share your opinion once your app has been indexed in Yahoo! mobile search queries.

For those of you who have already loaded your apps, THANK YOU! Our app store is only as good as the apps in it.

This integration is now being tested in the United States, and will be expanded to additional countries in 2011.

~ Ilja and The GetJar Team

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Another article on Android Fragmentation

While this article on Android Fragmentation was originally in Spanish, Google translate does a great job.  Here it is in English

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Get Your Apps Discovered

To make the most of search engine discovery, app developers who are not already on GetJar should submit their apps to GetJar’s Developer’s Zone  (

App developers who already have apps on GetJar should update their app’s meta data for SEO (search engine optimization), meaning updating the text and descriptions so that when a keyword is entered in a mobile search engine, their app shows up in the search.

Basically, what the app developer puts into GetJar, will determine whether their app is found in popular search engines.

It normally takes about 24 hours for keyword changes to show up in the results.

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Recent Developer Presentations

Thanks to Matt Abdou, the CTO of Androidpreneur, for recording these three presentations.   If there is interest we will edit these to include our slides.

  • Patrick Mork, CMO at the Sprint Developer’s Conference
  • Bruce Jones, Developer Evangelist at the Android Meetup
  • Aaron Kasten, from AndroidSwag at the Android Meetup
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The Android Beanie

The Android Beanies started at the first Android BBQ in Austin, Texas and then moved to CTIA and the Sprint Developer’s Conference.  Next to GetJar, they are the hottest thing in Android.  They are available through

Jonghwa Kim (Samsung) and Bruce Jones (GetJar)

Radio Commercial

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GetJar increases its reach!

GetJar increases the reach it provides developers today.  AT&T has added the ability for its customers to download apps from GetJar.  Here’s the Reuters article:

AT&T to offer GetJar on phones such as BlackBerry

Here’s the list of all the carriers and manufacturers that offer GetJar apps:

  • AT&T (North America)
  • Sprint (United States)
  • Vodaphone (Ireland, Hungary, South Africa)
  • MNT (South Africa)
  • Cell C (South Africa)
  • 3UK (United Kingdom)
  • Optimus (Portugal)
  • Virgin Mobile (India)
  • Reliance (India)
  • LG (handsets)
  • Sony Ericsson (handsets)
  • and of course: (Everywhere)
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